QMC Hedge Fund Marketing and Consulting Services

extensive due diligence allows QMC to pair the right managers with the right investors
The principals of QMC have 75+ years experience interviewing, analyzing, selecting and marketing alternative investment managers.

Our combined experience includes working as a director of hedge fund manager research for a substantial family office and as the in-house director of marketing, raising capital for three long-short equity funds and a public/private public fund. Our hands-on knowledge of how alternative investment funds operate and how investors select fund managers differentiates our marketing approach and increases our effectiveness in building a manager’s long-term asset base.

QMC Fund Manager Partnership

Fund managers work with an experienced team of professionals at QMC who tap a broad spectrum of investor relationships ranging from family offices and high net worth individuals to RIAs, fund of funds, foundations and endowments, and corporate and public retirement plan sponsors. To maximize the odds of successful engagement with these investors, we develop a targeted multi-channel marketing strategy: appropriate investor segmentation is conducted, and investors likely to have immediate interest are identified and engaged. A consistent, intensive high touch marketing campaign is instituted with the goal of apposite in-person meetings and conference calls. Detailed capture and reporting of investor feedback is provided with appropriate follow up strategies to ensure a successful capital raise.

Fund Structuring and Business Strategy

QMC will advise on fund structure, fee terms, and business strategy, relying on our decades of experience working both with fund managers and fund investors. We want to ensure there is proper alignment of incentives between managers and investors that results in long-term fairness and success for all parties.

Communication of a Fund Manager’s Competitive Advantages

It is critical the fund manager be able to describe, in a concise and compelling fashion, their informational advantages and convey how the Fund’s strategy fits within an investor’s risk profile and portfolio. Our prior experience investing in hedge funds affords us great insight into how investors appraise managers and the quantitative and qualitative factors used to assess them. We advise fund managers on how they might best convey their unique set of research, portfolio management and risk management skills within that framework.

Fund Materials and Communication Strategy

QMC assists fund managers in the preparation of institutional-grade marketing materials. We strive to ensure a manager’s message is articulated clearly and concisely to the investor community. Having sat on the allocator’s side of the table earlier in our career, we bring an investor’s mindset to the task, thus ensuring a manager’s written and verbal presentations captures the reader’s attention and leads to a desire to want to learn more. Focusing the manager outward on the investor (the mission is to solve the investor’s problems, not the other way around) leads to a unique, refreshing and more fruitful dialogue between both parties.