Hedge Fund and Alternative Investment Manager Capital Placement - We bring exceptional managers to the attention of investors

In 1987, Marc Rosenberg recognized that investors needed help in identifying the right alternative managers for their portfolios and knowing when those managers were no longer appropriate. QMC was founded to address this need and over the past three decades has assisted institutional and individual investors in their selection of alternative investment managers.

The hedge fund industry controls over $3 trillion, invested in more than 11,000 hedge funds. Fewer than 10% of those funds deliver exceptional returns, however. Many exist on the basis of a performance track record they can no longer reproduce due to overly aggressive growth in assets under management, style drift and other factors. QMC has the experience and expertise, developed over decades of analyzing hedge funds, to weed out these underperformers and identify truly superior managers who can add value to investor portfolios.

QMC operates on the basis of  'trust, but verify.' Our manager review process strives to make certain the business is run ethically and performance is reported appropriately. We seek high quality managers who can add real value to an investor's portfolio.